Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes! Our kiosks come standard with the features and peripherals for ADA compliance and kiosk software options to accommodate users with and without special needs.

YES! Our Kiosk is PCI Compliance Level 1, which is the highest level.

All of our kiosks are designed to run on a standard 110v outlet. Hardwire internet port is required where the kiosk will be placed in the lobby. A fiber internet connection is recommended.

The only management required to the kiosk is restocking the printer paper, cash dispenser, and key dispenser. Once every six months, internal air dusting is recommended to keep the equipment breathable and cool.

The lead time to fulfill our interactive kiosk order is generally 4-6 weeks, though currently, we are advising our clients it may be between 8-12 weeks lead time from contract signing. This additional time may be needed due to the global chip shortage caused by the Covid pandemic.

No, the kiosk has been designed specifically for Front Desk operations. We can handle walk-in, reservation check-in/ Mobile Check-ins. We can accept credit cards, cash payments, we verify ID and have guest sign registration cards.

The kiosks can check guests in and out and issue key cards, streamlining the check-in process while freeing up employees to complete other tasks. It also helps managers and management to be more resourceful and productive. There is also a significant labor cost saving for the hotel.

YES! We also offer an outdoor kiosk and a "Conciosk mini" kiosk.

We offer a couple of options; the hotel can purchase the Kiosk upfront or finance the kiosk cost over 36 or 60 months.


Yes! We will use one of the existing property's credit card terminals on the kiosk, so there will be no need to change merchant services. Payments will be processed in PMS, and funding will remain as normal.

Yes! Our self-service kiosks can include an optional cash receiver/dispenser so your customers can make payments right from the kiosk.

We currently ship our kiosks to all 50 states and US territories.

No need for an interface as the remote agent is using the hotel PMS system to check-in/out the guest just as an agent on-site would do.


The kiosk will be drop-shipped to the hotel directly from the manufacturer. One of the Conciosk team members will come to the property on Day 1 to deploy the kiosk and go over the entire transition process. The Conciosk member will then stay at the property for 2 to 3 days to monitor and train the virtual agents for a smoother transition and make sure that the kiosk is working smoothly technically.

With Conciosk, our virtual agents can perform the same duties that a normal agent behind the front desk would perform. For example, Check-In, Check-Out, Extend Stays, Make/Modify reservation, Issue Keys, Provide Area Information, Answer Phone Calls, Etc.

Yes! We like to have dedicated agents work for the same hotel to maintain consistency, better understand the hotel, the area, the cliental, the working culture, etc. Therefore, we only replace them if they are not the best for a particular property.

Our virtual agents are working dedicatedly for a single property at a time; they are not shared amongst other properties during the same shift.

Conciosk virtual agents will answer all incoming calls, including the calls from the guest rooms. In addition, the property's existing phone system will be configured to call forward all calls to the virtual agents.

Conscious agents are trained to perform the day-to-day duties, including the use of the PMS. We highly recommend that the ownership or management get involved with the agents to better train them to property's specific needs to achieve the optimum outcome. It usually takes a month to stabilize the transition.

We have developed a very comprehensive housekeeping and maintenance app in which all the daily, weekly, monthly, yearly housekeeping and maintenance tasks can be managed and tracked. Also, the app has the capability of messaging, which our agents will use as the preferred way of communication unless a phone call is required for a quicker response. They can also communicate in Spanish within the text messaging app.

Absolutely, our virtual agents are simply replacing your front desk agents, so technically, they are your front desk employees working under your guidance and orders. We are not a management company that is taking over your entire operations.

Yes, they will complete all required online training to satisfy the brand requirements, and yes, they do wear logo uniforms.

Under your monthly warranty plan, your kiosk is covered for 5 years warranty, including an on-site repair with a 48-hour turnaround time.

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Conciosk lets your guest have a contactless and safe check-in, thereby allowing them to have a comfortable experience and quick service at your Hotel.